Mufutau Muyiwa - May 6, 2020

3 Benefits of Multilayer Packaging for Meat and Poultry

The consumption of meat products can be traced to the genesis of human history. Humans relied on a variety of methods ranging from drying and salting to prevent the deterioration of meat and poultry products. Today, the global meat market has become a money-spinning industry. Fresh and processed meat requires packaging that can withstand the complexities of local and international supply chains, handling and distribution from field to household. Inadequate packaging of Meat and poultry products may adulterate quality or increase the risk of contamination that can damage health. As fresh and processed meat are likely to change tone, colour became a feature used by consumers to determine the condition of meat or poultry products before making a purchasing decision. Thus, adequate packaging prevents the penetration of oxygen, which can lead to reactions of fats, causing early spoilage to damage product quality and safety.



  • Multilayer packaging is a preservation method suitable for fresh and processed meat products, including the ingredients used in the production of meat products. This helps suppress microbiological growth and chemical reactions, which causes early spoilage and affects the red tone of meat and poultry products.
  • Performance packaging helps retain the quality and flavour of fresh and processed meat in convenient formats with nutritional description for today’s consumers.
  • Performance packaged meat or poultry products offer extended shelf life, high nutritional value, good quality for meat preservation and freshness compared to meat products packed in less sophisticated packaging. Multilayer packaging also serves as adequate protection during storage and transportation to deliver high-quality meat and poultry product to consumers.

Multilayer packaging takes the form of different sealing materials, gas barrier layers, and structural packaging compositions, such as vacuum bags, shrink barrier bags, modified atmosphere packaging, thermoforming and Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP). Today, Multilayer packaging is critical for meat and poultry, offering protection from physical damage during handling and environmental threats: oxygen (from the air); microorganisms (bacterium, virus, or fungus); contamination from toxic substances, temperature, and light. This results in the preservation, efficient distribution/transportation and the safe consumption of fresh meat and poultry products that we enjoy in today’s world.

Written by Mufutau Muyiwa

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