Mufutau Muyiwa - Jul 30, 2020

The Benefits of Performance Packaging for Pet Food and Animal Health

Food Packaging for Pet Food and Care

Today, "pet parenting" is common, as cats and dogs are not just “pets” but companions and a part of the family. The pet food and care ecosystem has experienced growth and segmentation in recent years, creating opportunities for quality pet food packaging that adds value. Disruption in the pet food market shares a semblance with innovations and trends in the food packaging market. The pet food packaging industry has witnessed a sharp increase in pet food products containing natural ingredients or alternative proteins. On the other hand, the dietary choices of pets are informed by the choices of pet owners. Pet owners are also increasingly conscious about the nutritional health of animals, as pet health service offerings and the adoption of pets have become a norm. Again, there has also been an emphasis on performance packaging that prevents exposure to environmental contaminants like bacteria, pests, odour, light, and moisture. This has led to intense competition, as brands produce different pet food products to gain a market share.

Performance Packaging for Pet Food and Care

Pets have sharper senses to detect bad aroma or odour than humans. Therefore, it is crucial to sustain the freshness of pet food and avoid offending a pet’s sharp senses. In this case, pet food requires protection against water vapour, oxygen transmission and odours. The importance of cats and dogs to their owners suggest that pet food packaging and design is an integral part of food packaging. The market trends in wet and dry foods for cats and dogs are similar to human foods. Pet owners desire packaging that contains delicious meals and ingredients for their pets. Pet owners expect innovative, functional and personalized pet food packaging that is spill-proof, protective, smart and informative. This includes pet food (wet and dry), snacks, treats, care products, single menu and other dietary or customized recipes for the needs of dogs and cats. In recent years, the expectation has been stretched to innovate sustainable solutions with design choices that speak to a variety of the needs and wants of pets. 

Performance packaging is a product of well-researched, scientifically advanced and innovative materials. This involves processes that combine multiple layers of film to invent an excellent barrier, which protects the shape, flavour, freshness, and aroma of pet food productsPerformance packaging is smart skin protection that provides value for an exciting experience for the pet and pets-owner. This multilayer barrier packaging also ensures efficiency across the pet food value-chain. For instance, the pet food pouch is resource-efficient, easy to open for convenience and offers excellent barrier properties. This extends shelf life, prevents odour or damage, retain the flavours and freshness in pet food products. Today, pet food packaging with hygienic opening, dispensing and disposal is of increasing importance. Some pouches also integrate re-seal features for ease of storage, mainly to keep dry pet foods in peak conditions. Flexible bags/Stand-up pouches come with a zip closure or lock. This allows pet owners to easily open and re-seal the bag, preserve the pet food, while the packaged food also occupy less space in the home. 

Performance packaging offer durability, safety-functionalities that make it ideal packaging for human and pet food. In a broader sense, these functionalities are synonymous with environmental benefits like resource efficiency and food waste reduction. The pouch’s shape offers a flexible arrangement of pet food products and makes it requires less space during transportation. This translates to efficiency during transportation and storage, thereby reducing cost and energy consumption compared to packaging alternatives. The outcome is packaging that reduces material waste and energy consumption, lightweight and rugged, but flexible enough to take the unique shape of pet food products. Performance meets packaging: innovative packaging that defines the pet food market needs of today- even the future. Pet food packaging just got even better: Woof-woof... meow-meow!

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